Welcome to the Barnes' Puppy Love Store

Online Store Coming SOON!

We’re not quite ready to open our online store but we have lots of apparel and accessories available on location when you come to pick up your pup or you can place an order with us via email and we’ll ship the product to you.

Barnes Puppy Love Kennels T-Shirts

Each shirt is $19 which includes shipping.

We also have long sleeve available for 22.00 each which includes shipping.

Shirt Front

Shirt Back

Different colors are available in different sizes. Each letter corresponds to the listed color. We may have new colors available from time to time.

Adult Sizes and Colors:

Youth Sizes and Colors:

We highly recommend NuVet Labs for your dog’s health needs. They are highly recommended by our veterinarians and have been the Dietary Supplement of choice here at Barnes’ Puppy Love Kennels for nearly 2 decades. In addition, we will double your new puppy’s health guarantee if you keep your pup healthy by using NuVet supplements.

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