Barnes' Puppy Love Kennels


All of our puppies are raised in the home with love and care from the family in our puppy nursery.
The puppies are vet checked with the vaccines that are needed and also wormed. 

They are fed Iams Large Breed Puppy. We strongly suggest keeping them on this food. If you feel the need to change, please keep them on a large breed puppy food. Gradually mix their new food with the existing food to allow them time to adjust to the new formula.

In nice weather, the puppies are taken outside a few hours a day for some sunshine and introductions to all the outside sounds of vehicles, kids playing, lawn mowers, etc. They also have a small wading pool to swim in, and are visited by our adult dogs throughout the day.

The puppies are partially paper trained by the time they are ready to leave.
As of December 8th, 2008, pups cannot leave before 8 weeks of age. To read about PA dog laws, please visit  www.attorneygeneral.gov.

Our puppies are guaranteed against health defects. 10 days general Health, 30 days genetic, 2 years for eyes, and 26 months for hips. 

We do double our guarantee if Nuvet is ordered and you keep your dog on Nuvet.

If you have any concerns or questions about our kennel or our process, please give us a call or email us at puppylovelabs@hotmail.com. We would love to speak to you. 

If you have a medical emergency please call your veterinarian or nearest animal hospital.


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