RubyBrytesit10-09(2)                                                                                                       RubyBrytewalk10-09 Genny_Bryte

Pictures above taken by Aaron Barnes of Mountainside Photography.


All of our puppies are raised in the home with love and care from the family in our puppy nursery.

The puppies are vet checked with the vaccines that are needed and also wormed. They also have their dewclaws removed. If in any case a dew claw, or partial dew claw grows back, that will be the buyers responsibility to take care of, if they feel the need to do so.

They are fed Iams Large Breed Puppy. We strongly suggest keeping them on this food. If you feel the need to change, please keep them on a large breed puppy food.

In nice weather, the puppies are taken outside a few hours a day for some sunshine and introductions to all the outside sounds of vehicles, kids playing, lawn mowers, etc. They also have a small wading pool to swim in, and are visited by our adult dogs throughout the day.

The puppies are partially paper trained by the time they are ready to leave.

We reserve the right to keep first pick open on each litter for ourselves, if we see a puppy we feel would be a great asset for the kennel.

All deposits taken are sold on limited registration, until certifications of the hips, elbows and eyes are done. Upon sending us copies of the certifications, along with the extra fee, we will lift the limited registration to full, unless prior arrangements are made. So please let us know if you plan to breed before getting your puppy.

Puppy picks are determined to the order we receive your deposit. For puppy pick up day we schedule buyers in order of how we receive the deposit for picking out and taking home your puppy. We ask that you do not arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment. We are very busy and are working at dog chores right up to the time of your appointment.
If you are out of the area, out of state, or even out of the country, we can ship the pups, at the buyers expense. WE NO LONGER SHIP PUPPIES DUE TO A NEW LAW. WE CAN HOWEVER DELIVER OR MEET YOU, SEE ROAD DELIVERY BELOW

Final payment must be made 1 week in advance of shipping the puppy.


We also have road delivery where one of our sons will also deliver your pups to you. Cost depends on distance driving for delivery.
Final payment on puppy must be 1 week in advance to delivery.


We accept down payments ( $200.00 ) on the puppy of your preference. All down payments are non-refundable unless, we fail to provide the puppy that has been requested. Under this circumstance you may choose to have your down payment refunded or transferred. If the puppy you have requested is not available in the current litter, you may choose to place your down payment on the next available puppy of your preference.

If you cannot pick up the puppy on the day of scheduled pick up, there is a $12.00 a day kennel fee which will start the following day and continue till you pick up the puppy.

All limited registration puppies are $1500.00 (unless a special breeding out of the kennel)

Full registration pups are $2000.00 (unless a special breeding out of the kennel)

We do accept credit card payment through

We also accept Credit Cards at the Kennel.

Visa, MasterCard, and DISCOVER. We also accept payments through PAYPAL.

Our puppies are guaranteed against health defects. 10 days general Health, 30 days genetic, 2 years for eyes, and 26 months for hips.

As of December 8th, 2008, pups cannot leave before 8 weeks of age. To read about PA dog laws, please visit


When you visit the Kennel we have available a wide variety of supplies for your new puppy. Collars, leashes, beds, food dishes, toys and cute little stuffed labs. We also have a variety of Lab shirts and hats.


We take pictures of the puppies within 1 week of arrival, we then TRY to update pictures every 2 WEEKS from that point IF time allows. We feel taking care of the puppies and all our dogs is first and foremost above taking pictures, which is very time consuming, along with all our vet trips, grooming trips, client appointments ect….


Taking deposits on all upcoming litters! Scroll down for more information.


Above are our grandsons, Bryton (left) and his brother Truitt (right). Below are more pictures of them with some of our past puppies!


We will have a few dogs for sale this spring.

Click on the Retired dogs for sale,under the “Our Dogs” button.

Current Litters:

Best way of reaching us about the litters is email:

or calling 814-330-0129 if you get voice mail please try email.

Come visit us at the Jaffa Sports Show  on:


Friday 2/23,  from 12-8, Saturday 2/24, from 10 to 8 and Sunday 2/25- from 10 to 5.

BOOTHS 50 and 51

We will have some of our adult dogs and some available puppies!!

Gemstone Retrievers will be there this year again also. Panning for gems!!

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Millieresize2yr8-26-15 Ramblersitresize7-8-17

Millie and Rambler for an all chocolate litter ready

to go February 17, 2018

3 Females  AVAILABLE

MillieRambleryellowfem2-17-18 MillieRamblerorangefem2-17-18 MillieRamblerredfem2-17-18

pictures taken 2-17-18



Linniesitresize3yr11-16 Elihead10-23-11-4yrs

 Linnie and Eli for a black and yellow litter ready

to go February 28, 2018

Linnie had: 1 yellow male (SOLD)

2 yellow females ( 1 AVAILABLE )

2 black females (SOLD), 1 black male (SOLD)

Linnieeliredblackfem2-8-18  LinnieElipinkblkfem2-8-18

LinnieElipinkyellowfem2-8-18 LinnieEliredyellowfem2-8-18

Females above, males below

LinnnieEliblkmale2-8-18 LinnieEliyellowmale2-8-18

pictures 2-8-18




Bryton (left) at about 1 year old. Truitt (right) at about 9 months old with a Georgia/Eli pup.


Planned Upcoming Litters for Spring 2018
Taking Deposits:

(Click on the parents names to visit their pages with pictures and pedigrees.)

1.) Nala and Eli  for an all yellow litter ready to go late April 2018

Pregnancy confirmed via ultrasound

2.) Polly and Rebel for a very light yellow litter ready to go about mid to late May 2018.

Polly has been bred

3.) Lucy and Frankie for a fox red litter ready to go about late May 2018

Lucy has been bred

4.) Cinder and  Eli for a black and light yellow litter ready to go late May 2018.

Cinder has been bred

5.) Sugar and Rambler for an all chocolate litter ready to go late May early June 2018.

Sugar has been bred

6.) Gabby and Rambler for a black and chocolate litter ready to go early June 2018

Gabby has been bred

7.) Evey and Eli  for an all very light yellow litter ready to go early June 2018.

Evey has been bred

8.) Liza and Eli for a black and very light yellow litter ready to go early-mid June, 2018

Liza has been bred

*These are approximate time frames for these litters above.

Until they actually have the puppies we can not give an exact day.


Pictured left is Bryton with Dusty, and right is a picture of Georgia-Eli pups.

Both pictures were taken by our son Aaron of:

Below is a group of pictures of Bryton playing with a litter of Sable puppies.


Click here for information on all upcoming Shih-tzu litters!